Jenquai Explorer - Compulsory Contemplation Skill Mission

Task: Learn Compulsory Contemplation Skill.
Mission Recap: (List to be made - some items are trade goods, don't wormhole when you have them.)
Reward: Compulsory Contemplation Skill.
To start this adventure:
Go to Councillor Adriel at Observation Tower on Dahin Planet and take Councillor Adriel's Mission: "Patience is a Virtue"

Fill Waggles food crate. All work done at refine terminal.

Full Food Barrel for Waggles
--1 Empty Barrel (Given to you at mission start)
--1 Sweetener (Level 5)
----2 Chocolate (Level 2 Trade Good sold at Somerled)
----1 Eggs (Level 2 Trade Good sold at Somerled)
--1 Nutritional Supplement (Level 6)
----1 Spices (Level 4 Trade Good sold at Somerled)
----1 Grain (Level 1Trade Good sold at Somerled)
--1 Bastinium (5 Level 5 Bastinium Ore)
--1 Cupidium (5 Level 7 Cupidite)
--1 Conorium (5 Level 7 Conorite)

Capture a suitable pet for her great-grandson eighth birthday.
(Catch Dish Dancer CL 5 with net supplied in Asteroid Belt Gamma - Nav comm)

Deliver the Dish Dancer to Akil in Aragoth Prime Sector - Sattelite Communication Node 2 [Dritheni Mobil Lab].

Discuss Akil's science project with him and tell him that it is pretty cool being a hacker.
(Spot will spawn, don't shoot it!)

Help Akil calm down his pet Spot - Cloak and spot will stop.

Fetch back a new AI Control Interface - Analyze the Damaged AI Control Interface one you are given and hope for a critical to get unit inside. You may have one built for you, but be sure you bring back the Modified AI Control Interface.

Damaged AI Control Interface
--1 Modified AI Control Interface (You need this part)
----1 Evolver AllTemp Circuit Board (Level 4 Computer)
----2 Electro Microminiature Connector (Level 2 Electronic Item)
----1 Nebular PowerVamp XL (Level 6 Power Converter)
--2 Wreckage Slag (Level 2 from hulks)

Councillor Adriel is in desperate need of Oil of Nommos Face cream. Buy this item from the vendor 'Liam O'Faolain' on the Main Deck of Fenris Observatory.

Note: Get the Truffles also, it's for the next step or you will have to make another trip. Items are Not Tradable and can not be wormholed back, if you don't have RD love, it'll be the long way this run.

Level 7 Oil of Nommos Face Cream - 675K and Level 9 Sun Diver Truffles - 1,350K

Oh! And pick up a pound of Sun Diver Truffles, too. Hope you got then before you go to this point, just go see her if you did.

Experience first-hand how it feels to be controlled by another. Don't try to move, it will be over in a few seconds and it will be over.

Undertake a test of your concentration. Go to Yokan Sector and target The Point of Contemplation to begin. You will find the marker just north of the Net-7 Beacon approx 145k and approx 211k from gate to Sirius System; you must be within 1000 units to begin.

Concentrate and target each of the flames as they appear before you. A two types of flames will spawn in front of you and will have your name on them; target only the 'Flames of Concentration', if you target 'Flames of Distraction' you will fail and reset you to step 9. After you target 5 'Flames of Concentration' you are done with this step. Best view is 3rd Person mode view 7 (F10 to change views) and they will appear about 0.04k in front of you.

Return to Councillor Adriel to report your seccess. It's all over now, skill attained.