Ariad "Sealing the Wound" Mission

Task: Help Ariad repair the shear wound.
Mission Recap: (list of materials used in this mission, some are hard to get)
Reward: Depleted Balm Canister (Not Tradable) to turn in to vendor in Totec and about 8450 explore experience.
To start this adventure:
Get mission from Ariad at Paren (you will be given recipe): "Sealing the Wound"

Create a balm injector to the provided specs and go to Tarsis Sector.

L1 Balm Injector (Device - Not Tradable/Temporary/Not Storable - Don't Crash or Log)
-- 2 Consummate Balm (L4 Catalyst)
---- 1 Grail Water (L9 Hydrocarbon)
---- 2 Brood Oil (L5 Drop item)
---- 1 Natural Extracts (L2 Refined)
------ 1 Chocolate (L2 trade good buy at Somerled)
------ 1 Glamour Goo (L1 drop in ABG off of the L5 Dish Dancer by Nav Comm)
------ 1 Roller Press (L1 Item)
-------- 3 Sand (L1 Hydrocarbon)
-------- 1 Mi Graphite Shell Casing (L1 buy at Joves or other L1 vendor area or player made)
---------- 2 Crude Graphite (L1 ore from roids)
---- 1 Chavez Herbal Remedy (L3 drop item off of Chavezs)
-- 2 Hydrazine (L2 Temporary Alloy - Don't Crash or Log)
---- 4 Hydrogen (L1 Gas)
---- 2 Nitrogen (L1 Gas)
-- 1 Evolver Alloy Launch Tube (L5 buy at F7 or other L5 vendor area or player made)
---- 1 Rhodium (L5 Alloy refined from 5 L5 Rhodite)
---- 1 Chromium (L5 Alloy refined from 5 L5 Chromium Ore)
---- 1 Zalmoxium (L5 Magnetic refined from 5 L5 Zalmoxium Ore)

Fly toward the Mondara Shear until you are within 5000 range.

Note: Install the Balm Injector (activated device) and make a shortcut.

When you are within range, activate your device and dispense balm into Shear

Note: Target the Mondara Maelstrom Nav before activating.

Return to Ariad at Paren Station and report your success.

Note: The answer of "It's grown smaller" is shortest to end of mission.

Take empty canisters to vendor in Parsad Station for items.